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What is quick fuse

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Fast fuse is a kind of fuse, which is mainly used for short circuit protection of semiconductor rectifier elements or rectifier devices.

Because the overload capacity of semiconductor components is very low. It can only withstand large overload current in a very short time, so the short circuit protection is required to have the ability of fast fusing. The structure of the fast fuse is basically the same as that of the sealed fuse with filler, but the melt material and shape are different. It is a variable cross-section melt with a V-shaped deep groove punched from a silver sheet.

In addition to the metal wire with a certain shape, the fuse of the fast fuse will also be marked with a solder joint of a certain material on it, so as to quickly disconnect the fuse under overload.

Fast fuse highlights "fast", which means high sensitivity. When the circuit current is overloaded, the fuse will quickly heat up under the action of the solder joint, and quickly disconnect the fuse. A good fast fuse has high efficiency, which is mainly used to protect silicon controlled rectifier and some electronic power components.


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