RL1-200 D-Type Screw Fuse Base

RL1-200 D-Type Screw Fuse Base

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           RL1-200 D-Type Screw Fuse Base

Matched Fuse Holder RL1-200 Series RL1-15,60,100,200
Rated Voltage / Current 380v-500v/200A Protection gG/aM/aR
Material ceramic Package 1pcs(Inner),16pcs(Ctn)
Weight 1280 g / pc Carton Size 365x301x288mm
Certificate CE Payment T/T, L/C


This series fuse is mainly used for protecting the electrical circuit against overload and short-circuits(gG/gL). Because of different melting tablets, it also may derive for protecting the semiconductor device and others complete set installment from short-circuit (aR/gR/gs/gtr) as well as the electric motor from short-circuit (aM). They conform to national standard GB13539 and international electrical committee standard IEC60269.
Construction Feature


This series of fuse consists of fuse link and fuse base. The variable cross-section fuse body made by pure copper piece (or copper wire, silver wire, silver piece) is sealed in the fusion tube which is made by the high strength porcelain or epoxy glass cloth pipe, there is full of the high-purity quartz sand processed after chemistry to take the extinguishing of arc medium in the tube. Equipped with the appropriate size of the fuse into the fuse set pieces, and then screwed into the support piece to form a complete screw-type fuse. With the transparent observation window on the top, it is easy to status of the fuse.

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